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About Rose Brooks Center

Simply stated, Rose Brooks Center is about saving lives. Not just protecting the hundreds of women and children who need our emergency shelter to escape immediate danger, but the thousands of families who dream of a life safe from violence – a complete life built on respect, love and compassion.

Rose Brooks Center is the leader in innovative domestic violence programs and support. We believe the destructive cycle of abuse can only be broken by offering a full continuum of care including prevention programming, crisis intervention, life skills development, and other supportive and therapeutic services. This comprehensive spectrum of programs and services is what sets Rose Brooks Center apart from other domestic violence agencies.

Our Mission
The Mission of Rose Brooks Center is to break the cycle of domestic violence so that individuals and families can live free of abuse.

Our Vision
Rose Brooks Center envisions a world free of violence. We will serve as a leader of innovative comprehensive family violence services, sharing our legacy of hope through advocacy, education, and empowerment.

Our Initiatives
We believe that violence can be eliminated if we commit to change. We’ve served the Kansas City community for over 30 years, and we work daily to rebuild, reclaim, and save lives threatened by domestic violence. Our initiatives are centered around four main foci – Keeping Families Safe, Creating a Safer Community, Rebuilding Lives, and Securing a Brighter Tomorrow.

Commitment to Transparency
Rose Brooks Center is committed to providing the most transparent overview of our services and financial statements on a regular basis.  To view an in-depth organizational profile of Rose Brooks Center, including program descriptions and financial statements, please follow the links below.  Rose Brooks Center is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Federal Tax Identification Number: 51-0231573.

Feel free to view our most recent financial statements:
:: 2014 Form 990
:: 2014 Audited Financial Statement

Rose Brooks Center's Donor Confidentiality Policy is to maintain the confidentiality of all donors to the greatest extent possible.  RBC never sells, rents, leases or exchanges personal donor information with other organizations.

:: View our Full Donor Records Confidentiality Policy