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House Budget Committee Discusses DV Funding Cuts: ‘Maybe they should be reconsidered’

During a hearing last week, the House Budget Committee heard from the appropriations committee chairman about the domestic violence services funding cuts of $2.375 million—50% of current funding—in House Bill 2011. Rep. Chris Kelly (D-Columbia) began the discussions among the committee members and spoke with passion about his seven years as a judge who heard the stories and needs of domestic violence victims and their children who sought protection orders. Several members of the committee then spoke about the cuts being too drastic, about the importance and value of women and their children who had been victimized by violence. Others focused on the increase in demand for DV services, and the resulting increases in turn-away rates. It was clear that members of the Budget Committee had been hearing from advocates in their communities!

When asked by members of the committee, the Department of Social Services Director Ron Levy presented a detailed “impact” report (using service data from MCADSV member programs) on the consequences of the cuts in terms of real people. The DSS budget director also spoke about how many people per dollar cut would be affected, and then even more Budget Committee members talked about the importance of DV services and the need to reconsider the cuts.

Near the end of the discussions Rep. David Sater (R-Cassville), the representative whose amendment contained the DV cuts, agreed that maybe the cuts should be reconsidered!

Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of Rose Brooks Center!

Rose Brooks Center is a comprehensive domestic violence program serving thousands of women and children in crisis each year.  The Center offers a full continuum of care including prevention programming, crisis intervention and other supportive services