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Rose Brooks Center Partners with Young People to Confront Increasingly Violent Culture

Students confront an increasingly violent culture as school-based violent crime, in-home abuse, and predatory violence online has increased. A need for coping strategies is clear, as young people are confronted with an increasing risk of abuse in personal relationships, at school, and online.

“Teenagers, between the ages of 12-17, especially girls, are the most victimized segment of the population in the United States,” Ernie Allen, President, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Without a safe outlet, when dealing with feelings of isolation or despair, young people quickly become vulnerable to a personal crisis.  Beyond being the core victims, young people are often the “silent witnesses” to abuse, and fill a need for parents and guardians to find support and comfort.

A local program provides more than 41 local schools with solutions and therapeutic facilitators in 4 area districts. Developed in 1992, Project Safe is a school-based violence prevention program that empowers students to develop healthy relationships, create safe boundaries and confront issues of violence through healthy prevention. Project Safe supports students who have witnessed abuse and offers them coping strategies when dealing or witnessing trauma.

“Given the increased violence in our society, it is essential that we provide support and opportunities to promote positive and healthy relationships to our youth to prevent future violence. Project Safe does just that,” Susan Miller, CEO and Executive Director, Rose Brooks Center.

As communities search for answers in the battle to eradicate violence, Rose Brooks Center is helping to find answers for young people struggling with a multitude of issues, and designed Project Safe to cultivate a supportive relationship with students in crisis.

Core methods used to engage at-risk students includes presentations, support groups, and individual therapy sessions designed around age group and level of need. Curriculum includes units on in-home crisis management, dating safety, internet safety and protection, and classroom safety.

Project Safe is an initiative rooted in change and violence prevention, where trained professionals also provide guidance to local teachers and administrators with a Program Guide available in the services section. This “train the trainer” focus allows for a broader reach, and functions as a resource for teachers not formally engaged in the program.

“We are called to change our society through focused interaction with young people in need. Project Safe empowers local young people to fight violence with planning, support, and safe, healthy strategies,” Cori Gilbert, Rose Brooks Center.