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“Flipping Favorites” at World’s Window Helps Clean Closets, Build Thrifty Wardrobes, and Raise Much-Needed Funds for Rose Brooks

Changing spaces? Changing sizes? Made some buying mistakes? A perpetual bargain hunter? Closets stuffed full? For the fourth year, World’s Window in Brookside is inviting customers to bring in clean, gently used clothing previously purchased at their store. This year they are extending the donation circle by also accepting other gently used business casual attire similar to what they carry. It’s all part of their 25th Anniversary celebration to renew closets and help renew lives at Rose Brooks Center.

In a change from past years’ projects, customers are also invited to actually shop the donated clothing racks at a Grand Anniversary & Ultimate Clothing Exchange Party on Thursday, April 30th from 6 - 8 pm. This year Rose Brooks needs the money donations more than the clothing. So customers will get to shop the timeless, excellent-quality donated items at $10 each with all proceeds going to Rose Brooks. World’s Window owner Jan Buerge laughs, “It will be like digging in your girlfriends’ closets!”

We've invited our clothing vendors to add to the contributions,” says Buerge. “Boxes are arriving each day with first-quality merchandise that will also be added to the Clothing Exchange Party racks - all at $10 each.” In addition to the donated clothing sales, ten percent of all new World’s Window purchases that evening will also be donated to Rose Brooks.

Buerge is delighted to partner again with Rose Brooks as the recipient of the clothing donations because of their mission to break the cycle of domestic violence so that individuals and families can live free of abuse. “This project is a perfect fit for our store, our 25th Anniversary and our customers. At World’s Window our mission is to celebrate the creativity of the human mind, spirit and experience and our customers love the idea of helping others. It’s an added bonus that they get some credit towards something new and exciting for Spring.”

Larry Ross of Tower Dry Cleaners has again agreed to donate cleaning for any items needing extra attention. “We want to make sure all items donated are absolutely ready to find a second home with a woman making a new start,” says Buerge. “In the past years our customers have donated over 700 wonderful clothing items and Tower Dry Cleaners has been just great in cleaning and pressing over 200 items. We are lucky to have a Brookside neighborhood cleaner willing to join us for this project.”

In exchange for the clothing donations, World’s Window customers will receive credit towards new purchases. Each item of clothing donated earns 1 stamp on their anniversary "Rosie’s Dress". Ten stamps earns $20 off a $40 purchase and can be used on any date in
April. There's no limit to the number of items a customer can donate. The more you bring, the more you save!

Buerge’s challenge to women? “It’s time to clean out those closets! Now's the time to bring in your clothing donations - clean & on hangars so they’re ready for our clothing exchange party. Then join us Thursday, April 30th for our Grand Anniversary & Ultimate Clothing Exchange Party. You supply the clothing; we’ll supply the cake and champagne! Bring your girlfriends to shop; our sisters at Rose Brooks will benefit!”

Additional details about the clothing exchange are available at World’s Window, 332 W. 63rd Street in Brookside, just east of Wornall Road, or by calling 816-361-2500.