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Becoming a survivor does not equal being safe. Safety is simply the first step on a journey to build a stronger, happier family. Healing takes time, resources and ongoing support. At Rose Brooks Center, women and children will receive all the support they to rebuild their lives after abuse, whether that is ongoing individual or group therapy, career assistance, economic counseling or housing assistance.

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Outreach Services

The Outreach Program provides support and therapeutic services to families living in the community who are affected by or have experienced violence in the home. We are here to walk with you, whether you need emotional support, a safe place to heal, or simply help figuring out where to turn, what to do next and how to keep yourself and your children safe.

The Outreach program connects survivors to many other resources at Rose Brooks Center and within the Greater Kansas City community. We can help families live free from abuse. All services are free, confidential and offered in English and Spanish.

Support Groups for Women
Women from all walks of life join outreach support groups in a secure, confidential location. Facilitated by Outreach therapists, these ongoing drop-in gatherings of women provide emotional support, safety planning and coping skills. The groups explore the dynamics of domestic violence, while providing education on healthy relationships. Without judgment or criticism, women talk, listen and learn from each other.

Case Management
Because we know getting to safety and healing is not easy and comes with many barriers including finding a safe place to stay, securing financial resources, transportation, childcare, healthcare, providing for your family and the many other needs that accompany and allow for healing to begin. Case Management can help you address these basic needs.

Individual Therapy for Adults and Children
Outreach Therapy can help you heal from emotional wounds, reclaim your power and the sense of self that has been lost as a result of abuse, as well as support you in meeting your goals. Whether you are living with abuse or healing from it, we are here for you. We can help you regain a sense of hope and safety to you can move forward in your life in finding peace.

Spiritual Support
Because our spirituality, often our livelihood is impacted by domestic violence, our Chaplain provides spiritual support and spiritual support groups for individuals affected by abuse. This service is and available to survivors of all faith traditions. It can include prayer, devotional readings, study of sacred texts, and help in making connections to local houses of worship. Those with no specific faith tradition are also welcome to discuss issues of spirituality or struggles in this area.

Economic Empowerment
This group is a series of 4 courses reviewing the impact of economic abuse throughout relationships. The purpose of this group is to help individuals understand economic abuse, allow for disclosing of own economic abusive experience, assist with budgeting and understand credit basics. This group is also offered for Spanish-speaking women.

Employment Workshop
This series is three workshops designed to provide the tools needed to gain employment. Resume Workshop addresses the basic resume styles, enhancing your resume and common resume mistakes. Interview Workshop addresses traditional verses behavioral interviewing, answering questions about gaps in employment & reasons for leaving jobs. Job Search Workshop addresses the importance of a job search “plan” and resources to assist you with finding employment.

If you would like to learn more about your options for support and what services are right for you, contact our Outreach Intake Coordinator at 816-523-5550 ext. 443, or call the 24 hour hotline at 816-861-6100. We will listen, give you information, and help you safety plan while you determine what path is right for you.

Transitional Housing
Transitional Housing is a two-year program for women who are working toward self-sufficency. Some come from the emergency shelter, while others are referred through outreach counseling or the Bridge Program. Regardless, they have moved past their crisis and are ready to start living and working on their own.

Rose Brooks Center finds an apartment and helps pay the rent, re-establishing the woman’s good credit – an important step in regaining independence. Rose Brooks Center advocates also assist with daycare, counseling and virtually every other kind of case management a domestic violence survivor needs.

During their two years in Transitional Housing, a woman and her children continue to benefit from Rose Brooks Center resources, learning to make their own choices and take control of their lives. They are ready to stand confidently on their own two feet. Independent at last, but not alone.

To learn more about the Transitional Housing Program, please contact Julie Wilber-Parks at (816) 523-5550, ext. 424 or


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