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The Jennifer Duke Burton Memorial

Volleyball Tournament

Thank you to each and every friend, family member, and sponsor that came out to play on August 13 to create safe futures for the families and pets of Rose Brooks Center. OVER $30,000 was raised to support the mission of ending the cycle of domestic abuse. Thank you all for your generous support and amazing spirit! 

Each year the volleyball tournament brings together a community of support in honor of Jennie and provides funding for the life-saving programs and services of Rose Brooks Center. The tournament and its legacy of support was created by dear friends who wanted to do something to help Jennie's family and honor her spirit. Today, their legacy is helping individuals, families, and pets escape and heal from domestic violence.

Please consider joining us next year at Volleyball Beach. We believe violence can be eliminated if we all commit to change.

TBD August 2017

Volleyball Beach
13105 Holmes Road
Kansas City, MO 64145

Begins: 3:00pm
Tournament Begins: 4:00pm

Team Levels



Individual Competitive - $25.00

Individual Recreational - $25.00

End the Cycle Sponsorship - $1,500.00

A Safer Community Sponsorship - $3,000.00

Keeping Families Safe Sponsorship - $5,000.00




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  • Remembering Jennie

    Jennifer Duke Burton was the kind of woman who made other people smile.

    Jennie was loving, generous, hardworking and a leader. She played volleyball. She volunteered at her church. A mother of two and a sister to six, she had lots of family and friends. Jennie was one of those sunny, happy kinds of people.

  • And for 15 years, Jennie suffered through an abusive marriage.

    Her family knew her husband was mentally and verbally cruel, but no one ever knew of the physical violence. Jennie hid it to protect her two daughters and to keep her family safe.

    When that no longer worked, when she finally cut him off completely and divorced him, he went mad. He stalked her. He called her nonstop. He hacked into her computer. Not even six months after the divorce, he lured Jennie to his apartment, where he brutally murdered her with a 12-gauge shotgun. She was 36 years old.

  • To honor her memory her family and friends launched The Jennifer Duke Burton Memorial Volleyball Tournament to help support the programs and services at Rose Brooks Center.

    Liz, Jennie’s mother, says she’s committed to not only honoring her daughter but also to spreading the word to prevent domestic violence and to help victims survive. She says so many people just don’t know about places like the Rose Brooks Center and how many services are out there.

    “I think Jennie lived and she died for a purpose,” she says. “Our thought is if we could save one more woman, one more family from going through what we have gone through, it would be worth it.”


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