Here at Rose Brooks Center, we love our volunteers and are thankful for each and every one! Each year, Rose Brooks Center counts on over 3,000 to help provide Program and Non-Program support. As a Program volunteer you will have direct contact with the individuals and families of Rose Brooks Center on an ongoing basis. Non-Program opportunities offer you a variety of short-term projects that help support Rose Brooks Center. Non-Program opportunities are ideal if your company, social group, church, etc. want to get involved.

For questions or additional information on Volunteering, please contact:
Joan Dougherty, Director, Volunteers and Community Support - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Program Opportunities

    Children's Advocate
    Shelter Advocate
    Bridge Hospital Program Advocate
    Rosie's Closet
    Pet Shelter

    :: Become a Bridge Volunteer


  • Non-Program Opportunities

    Group Projects
    Holiday Store
    Special Event Support
    Kitchen Support
    Facility Maintenance
    Other Special Projects



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