• When you're ready, Rose Brooks Is Here.
        • When you're ready, Rose Brooks Is Here.

          please call 9-1-1.

          Otherwise, please call our 24-hour crisis hotline,

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Everyone deserves a future that is safe.

Join a community of LIFE SAVERS who are helping families have a new, safe life away from domestic violence.


Support those who served us with a one-time or monthly donation.


Host or participate in a fundraising initiative to help us recover and transition back into civilian life.

what does it mean
to save a life?

Emergency Shelter

For those who have to leave their homes because they aren’t safe, Rose Brooks Center welcomes them into shelter. And with a new day - the healing begins.

Crisis Hotline

For survivors who call the hotline, their journey to a safe life begins with hope. They realize they’re not alone and there will be someone who can help.

Court Advocacy

When survivors have to face their abuser in the courtroom, Rose Brooks Center is there to stand alongside them, empowering them as they take steps toward safety.

Pet Shelter

When you know you can’t leave without your pet, Rose Brooks Center tells you to bring them with you - so that you can heal together.

break the cycle of domestic violence

nights of safety
individuals call
the hotline
8, 0
survivors provided
advocacy in court
1, 0
nights of safety
for family pets
2, 0

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