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Community Education

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Community Education​


Since 2001, Rose Brooks Center has been privileged to provide quality domestic violence education built on more than 45 years of domestic violence programming. We provide training to the community because a DV-informed community is a community which empowers, supports, and believes victim-survivors.

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When our community support system needs support and education...
Rose brooks is here.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are exceptionally knowledgeable and expertly trained in their fields of study, with on-the-job experience.

Invaluable Content

The lessons you learn can help save lives and improve the overall outlook for our entire community.

Continuing Education Credits

Many of our courses come with certification or continuing education credits. Check out individual courses for more information.

When the solution requires community cooperation...
Rose brooks is here.
buidling community through education

A long-term solution to a safe future.

Drawing upon over 45 years of expertise, Rose Brooks Center is a leader within the domestic violence movement – both within the Kansas City metro and the national domestic violence movement at-large. Rose Brooks Center provides training and technical assistance to community partners and community members that translates the domestic violence movement’s tenants and research findings into ideas for implementation and facilitates the adoption of best practices both individually and systemically. 

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When you’re looking for trusted Domestic Violence education...
Rose brooks is here.

Community Education

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