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Court Advocacy

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Court Advocacy


Advocating for and guiding survivors through complex court systems. Services include advocacy in State and City courts and encompass the following: Adult Orders of Protection, Child Orders of Protection, Legal Referrals and Legal Clinics. We provide survivors of domestic violence with support in planning for safety and assistance accessing community resources.

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When the legal process feels overwhelming...
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Caring advocates answer questions and offer support throughout the legal process. Services offered include connection to shelter, therapy, and help planning for safety.​


Advocacy services are offered for orders of protection and criminal cases with the Kansas City Municipal Court, state court, and Jackson County court.​

When you’re scared to face the system or your abuser alone...
Rose brooks is here.
Seeking Justice and Healing

Seeking Justice and Healing

The criminal justice system can be daunting for anyone, let alone someone who is experiencing the trauma of being a victim of crime. When survivors of domestic violence step into a court room, they are often coming face to face with the person who hurt them for the first time since the assault, and it can be terrifying.

Advocates talk victims through what will happen in court, walk with them through court hearings and answer any questions the victim may have – all before entering the court room!

The program impact is incredibly substantial to those entering the legal system. Rose Brooks’ services include, but are not limited to, safety planning, crisis intervention, assistance with community resources, and filing orders of protection. We additionally provide support to victims in criminal court and protection order court in matters such as explaining court procedures, accompanying victims to hearings, assisting in filing for protection orders, assisting victims through the processes should an order be violated, and filing for Crime Victims’ Compensation.

The outside of a tan building made of stone. The rose brooks logo is faded across the surface.
When you need someone on your side...
Rose brooks is here.

Court Advocacy

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