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Onsite Clinic

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Onsite Clinic


The program is further supported by an outstanding network of volunteer doctors who allow the Safe CARE Health Clinic to be open each and every week, meeting the medical needs of those who have had little or no access to health care.

When you need a safe place to talk about your health and heal...

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By the numbers

Last year, 181 clients received 507 services both in-person and via telemedicine.


Services include health advocacy, medical, and dental care.

When you know your health is key to your healing...

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Medical Advisory Board

“I understand that not everyone has equal access to healthcare and I wanted to give back in a way that was meaningful to both Rose Brooks and their youngest residents.”


Dr. Deann Dewitt

Medical Advisory Board

Pediatric Care In The Safety of Shelter

When children come to Rose Brooks Center, they too are wrapped in services, including addressing their healthcare needs. Because of this, and as part of our Health Services Program, Rose Brooks offers a pediatric clinic twice each month with the help of pediatrician, Dr. Deann DeWitt.

As children develop, it is vital that they are seen by a physician who understands their unique health needs. It should also be noted that regular pediatric care can help provide the parent with new knowledge, allowing them to feel more confident in their own parenting. With 30 years of experience, Dr. DeWitt knows the importance of offering such specialized care and volunteers her time.

Dr. DeWitt assists children of all ages and helps them with their immediate and long-term healthcare needs, while answering questions and providing support to parents. Dr. DeWitt is also a member of Rose Brooks Center’s Medical Advisory Board. The advisory board is a group of professionals who have been donating their time, talent, and health services knowledge to better meet the medical and health care needs of Rose Brooks Center’s clients.


When you realize your family’s health is dependent on the health of you...

Rose brooks is here.

Onsight Clinic

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