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Police Advocacy

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Police Advocacy


This program provides advocacy services for victims of domestic violence seen by the Domestic Violence Section of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. This position is co-located within the Kansas City Missouri Police Department Domestic Violence Section.

Additionally, this program includes our Lethality Assessment Program initiative with the KCPD. LAP helps us provide a crucial point of access for domestic violence victims who need help the most—those with a high risk of being murdered by their abusers. If an officer determines a victim is at a high risk, he or she calls Rose Brooks Center’s 24-hour hotline for support and follow-up. To read about Rose Brooks Center’s coordinated response to domestic violence crime, view our involvement in Kansas City’s Blueprint for Safety

When police officers respond to a domestic violence call...

Rose brooks is here.


Within KCPD, patrol officers will now ask the victim additional risk questions at the scene. These risk questions will help others in the system understand the context and seriousness of the violence occurring in the relationship.

Municipal Court

The bench within Kansas City Municipal Court will have access to more information about each case, which will help make appropriate decisions for offenders and help keep victims safer.

When police officers need ongoing domestic violence education...

Rose brooks is here.


A Leader in Domestic Violence Response

Implemented ten years ago between Rose Brooks Center and the Kansas City Police Department, The Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) provides a crucial point of access for domestic violence victims who need the most help – those with a high risk of being killed by their partners.

The LAP is designed to encourage and enable victims to utilize the community’s domestic violence services, thereby reducing risk of re-assault. Based on the screening completed by the officer at the scene, if a victim is identified as high-risk, officers take steps to connect them to Rose Brooks Center immediately. This action essentially re-directs the victim’s path to safety.

A 10-Year Anniversary

The LAP has had substantial impact on Rose Brooks Center’s services, and an even greater impact on the lives of survivors. Last year, advocates answered 9,986 hotline calls. Of those, 2,623 were LAP referrals made by law enforcement. The hotline advocates then give further education and support to the victim, as to how to remain safe, what options are available, and what resources are in the community and within Rose Brooks. The victim is not only more aware of help available, but is empowered to make choices that will increase their personal safety, and decrease further risks.

To date, 19,240 individuals have been referred as high lethality through LAP and have received support from Rose Brooks Center staff. We thank the Kansas City Police Department for their use of this tool. They are making a tangible and lasting difference in the lives of victims and their families.

Because domestic violence homicides are predictable based on the behavior of an abuser, they are preventable. It is for this reason we continue to answer the call for those in danger, and celebrate this 10-year achievement.


When police officers respond to a domestic violence call...

Rose brooks is here.

Police Advocacy

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