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Project Safe

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Project Safe


Ending of the cycle of domestic violence by providing support (via support groups) and classroom education to children and teens dealing with violence at home, in their community, or in their own relationships.

Project SAFE is a school-based violence prevention program within Jackson County schools, working to end the cycle of domestic violence in the lives of our youth. If you want to know if Project SAFE is in your or your child’s school, check with your school counselor.

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When your child is struggling in school...
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The tools needed to make positive life choices and develop healthy relationships.

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Pre-school through high school students receive guidance on safety planning, healthy relationships, anger control, violence, and substance abuse prevention.


School personnel are offered training and consultation on domestic violence.

When ending the cycle of violence means early intervention...
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Youth Safety Planning

Youth Safety Planning

Everyone deserves a relationship that is healthy, safe, and supportive. If you are in a relationship that is hurting you, it is important for you to know that the abuse is not your fault. It is also important for you to start thinking of ways to keep yourself safe and who you could talk to, whether you decide to end the relationship or not. While you can’t control your partner’s abusive behavior, you can take action to keep yourself as safe as possible.

Do you know how to help a friend? If you’re a parent, do you know what to watch out for in your child’s relationship? Do you know the signs of an unhealthy relationship? Watching a friend or child go through an abusive relationship can be very scary and you may feel like you’re not sure how to help them. Here are some suggestions and tips on how to help your friend/child, warning signs, and some facts about teen dating abuse.

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When ending the cycle of violence means early intervention...
Rose brooks is here.

Project Safe

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