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Therapy Services

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Therapy Services ​


We provide therapy services that help empower adult and child survivors to reclaim their lives through the complex healing process. The clinicians deliver individual assessments, trauma-informed individual and group therapy, advocacy and support planning services.

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by the numbers

Last year, 302 adults and children began their healing journey on their way to a safe and healthy future.


Individual therapy services focus on topics such as coping with the trauma of an abusive relationship, safety planning, and rediscovering voice and choice.

Support Groups

Support groups offer survivors of domestic violence a safe place to find support from other survivors.

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A Variety of Care

At Rose Brooks Center, we’ve long understood that comprehensive care also includes the human-animal bond. Which is why in February, Rose Brooks added a four-legged member to the staff, a therapy dog named Cooper. Cooper is a three-year-old Beagle/Aussie mix acquired through a partnership with Warrior’s Best Friend, a local nonprofit providing trained canines to trauma survivors.

Cooper will spend most of his time in Rose Brooks’ emergency shelter; however, he will also be utilized for individual therapy or group settings, or when a survivor or staff needs added comfort. Most importantly, as victims and survivors come into shelter with severe trauma, Cooper will be a constant source of comfort, bringing healing and recovery.

Meet Cooper! Rose Brooks’ Therapy Dog

Cooper has several commands that can be used for individuals in crisis or in need of support, and has already been demonstrating his incredible skills. “Cooper supported a client in a mental health crisis within moments of being onsite, allowing staff and the shelter resident to calmly work together.” Explains Residential Director, Angela Maldonado. “We were able to utilize one of Cooper’s comfort commands, instructing him to calmly rest himself next to the client. This de-escalation helped us all focus in on appropriate, immediate care, rather than it escalating further.”

By calming both children and adults in distress, Cooper has been the perfect addition to Rose Brooks’ crisis support team. Welcome Cooper!

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Therapy Services

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