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Volunteer Opportunities

Rose Brooks Is Here
Volunteer Opportunities


Here at Rose Brooks Center, we love our volunteers and are thankful for each and every one! Each year, Rose Brooks Center counts on over 1,000 volunteers to help provide Program and Non-Program support. As a Program volunteer you will have direct contact with the individuals and families of Rose Brooks Center on an ongoing basis. Non-Program opportunities offer you a variety of short-term projects that help support Rose Brooks Center. Non-Program opportunities are ideal if your company, social group, faith community, etc. want to get involved.

A group of people standing in front of the Rose Brooks timeline mural smile and look at the camera. They are all wearing UPS branded volunteer shirts.
When you want to lend a helping hand to those in need...
Rose brooks is here.

program opportunities

Children’s Advocate, Emergency Shelter Advocate, Rosie’s Clothes Closet, Hospital-Based Bridge Program, and Kitchen Support

non program opportunities

Group Projects, Holiday Store, Special Event Support, Facility Maintenance, or Other Special Projects

When you’re looking for ways to use your skills and passion to help others...
Rose brooks is here.

Dear Volunteers and Friends,

This is what we know with certainty:

  • Volunteers established Rose Brooks Center.
  • Volunteers are the lifeline of Rose Brooks Center.
  • Volunteers are appreciated and needed at Rose Brooks Center.
  • Volunteers are helping us save lives.
  • Volunteers are loved.

Thank you for your unending support of our families and of our mission.

A woman and her daughter smile at the camera while making the shape of a heart with their two hands
When you want to show those in need that they're not alone...
Rose brooks is here.

Volunteer Opportunity

To support Rose Brooks Center’s programs, consider donating today.

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