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        • When you're ready, Rose Brooks Is Here.

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Holiday wish list

holiday wish list

As Rose Brooks Center’s largest in-kind donation drive of the year, the Holiday Store allows the community to drop off items on a wish list, to then be made available for the individuals needing Rose Brooks Center’s services. All items are taken to shelter where the adults “shop” for their children and the children get to pick out gifts for their moms or dads – all at no cost to them, of course.

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Gifts for the home

Twin bed sheets and blankets
Pillows and pillow cases
Towels and washcloths
Cleaning supplies
Paper towels and toilet paper
Brooms and dust pans

Gifts for her

Robes and PJs
Bath and body sets
Alarm clocks
Underwear: all sizes (no briefs)
Adult tennis shoes: all sizes
Sweatshirts: all sizes
Coats: all sizes

Gifts for kids and teens

Teen-sized jeans
Teen shaving kits
Socks: all sizes
Underwear 2T to adult
Boxers for boys
Tops/Sweaters for gifts
Hoodies/Sweatshirts for teens
Tennis shoes: all sizes
Coats: all sizes and genders
Toddler toys: educational
Dolls of color
Action figures

Gifts for pets

Wet and dry dog/cat food
Quality treats
Toys for dogs and cats
Leaches and collars
Beds for cats and dogs

Gifts for kitchen and wellbeing


Plastic utensils
Individually wrapped snacks
Ibuprofen: adult and kids
Tylenol: adult and kids
Cold, sinus, allergy medication