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Children’s Programs


Offering a wide variety of services to support the emotional and physical well-being of children who are healing from domestic violence. Services include children’s therapy and treatment plans, case management (including basic needs, school enrollment, transportation, immunizations, outside services, etc), family enrichment programs, and more.

Parent services include individual and group parent support sessions, domestic violence education and its impact on their children, and family enrichment. All parent services help families raise healthy children and ultimately prevent the cycle of domestic violence.

Did You Know?

Facts About Pets


Individual and group therapy using play, art, music, and pet-assisted therapy help children find healthy ways to express their feelings in a safe environment and cope with trauma.

Case Management

Case management services help parents with safety planning and connecting with community resources to meet their children’s basic needs, school enrollment, health care, nutrition, and clothing.

Kid Zone

Parents benefit from Parent Support services and the Kid Zone, a play and learning environment children attend while the parent is participating in support services.

How Rose Brooks Got It's Pet Shelter

In 2012, Rose Brooks Center became the first domestic violence shelter in the region to welcome four-legged family members.

The idea for this incredible project was born, when a woman called our hotline after her boyfriend had beaten her – almost to death. Immediately we found space for this young woman. There was one problem. She had a 110-pound Great Dane whom she refused to leave behind. The dog had saved her life by lying on top of her during the attack and taking the majority of the blows. As a result, he sustained many broken bones.

The giant Dane was the first animal to live at Rose Brooks Center, but he was only the first.

Today owners have 24/7 access to their pets within the safety of the shelter to walk, run, and play. Our pet advocate and pet volunteers offer enrichment activities and coordinate vet care for the animals to help make sure they are happy and healthy.

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